10 Natural Homemade Eye Creams – DIY

Coffee Infused Eye Cream

Did you know you can make really cool and effective natural eye creams at your using ingredients that you have in your kitchen? I certainly did not know that till I came across these 10 Amazing Natural Homemade Eye Creams – DIY. This is the reason why I am so eager to share them with […]

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10 Cool And Bright Lip Stain For Summers

MILK MAKEUP Oil Lip Stain - COLOR Vibes - hot pink

Lip stains are one of the best cosmetic products made by those smart cosmetic scientists! They look beautiful, they aren’t as intimidating as a lipstick and they are long lasting, which makes them perfect for summer! Another awesome thing about them is that they look really natural. If you want to go for a casual […]

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10 Natural Homemade Feet Soaks – DIY

Homemade Citrus Foot Soak Recipe

Have you ever appreciated your feet for always carrying your around and helping you walk towards your goals – literally? We all are guilty of neglecting our feet even though they do so much work and consequently need so much care? I am sure all of you can feel your feet hurting right now because […]

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