10 Best DIY Natural Face Whitening Cream

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Everyone wants to look pretty and stand out from the crowd. Be it attending a friend’s birthday party or a cousin’s wedding ceremony, visiting a restaurant for supper, or going for an interview, people tend to notice how one has groomed oneself. The first glance of many individuals falls on your face when they notice you. First impression matters but the ability to maintain it throughout comes one-step ahead. Well, lucky are those who have flawless skin and do not have to work so hard to look pretty.

However, the issue is our face is the first thing that is exposed to harsh temperature, humidity, and sunlight frequently. Giving a dull and worn-out look, which we cannot help with. Apart from that, some of the causes of such dry, dark, and dullness in your skin are due to dark spots, pigmentation, discoloration, and age spots. The effect of all such factors leads you in believing in the current skin tone. Hiding your natural complexion and making you believe it was always the same.

So let’s look at the science of why many people suffer from dull dark skin. I believe that every single individual, be it a person having fair or dark skin contains a pigment called melanin in their body. Melanin is a pigment secreted by specific cells called melanocytes. It serves as a color agent in our body and protects the skin too. However, when a body produces excessive melanin, it turns out as a dark spot and patches in the skin.

Do you love dark chocolates or milk chocolate? Whenever I visit a food store, I automatically tend to pick up a bar of dark chocolate and craving for it the most. I hope 90% of the people reading prefer the same too.

Let us try to think and look through our body is just like us. Though hyperpigmentation occurs in people having all types of skin color, just like our craving for dark chocolate it is likely to affect people with a darker skin tone more. People who have darker skin tone please don’t get disheartened I have something for you in the next line and some good news as you continue through the article. Beauty is not determined by the skin tone rather fare skin is a misconception idea of beauty.

“I believe that all women are pretty without makeup and can be pretty powerful with the makeup”. _Bobbi Brown

This quote holds such a great message. We are awesome as how we are but it is not a crime if we look through the makeup world and take advantage of what it has stored for us.

People tend to follow with varieties of options, like using a scarf or wearing a hat or a variety of remedies to protect themselves from these harsh lights and pollutions, which is impressive.  We have to be cautious for our benefit. A glowing, radiant face is the result of a regular skincare routine. Yet have you thought about how far these techniques work?

We know almost 90% of people look dull off makeup or on their natural self. However, are you going to stay home worrying about the entire what if’s roaring like an alien in your mind? If you ask me, certainly, I would not and we should not. So should we go out looking pale? Well not anymore.

This is where the magic of the beauty industry plays a vital role. The first step you should take in your skincare routine is figuring out how you can even out your skin tone.  Many beauty companies, upon doing various tests and research have come up with Face Whitening Creams to solve that issue of yours, helping you to get back your natural skin tone as well as brightening it more.  

Let’s look through what Face Whitening Cream is?

Face whitening cream is a cosmetic product in the form of a cream that helps in whitening your skin. It is a most commonly used product for a skincare treatment that helps you accomplish an improved, better, and brighter skin complexion.

Such creams are designed not only to reduce the pigment that is melanin in the skin, but also skin problems such as age spots, acne scars or discoloration issues, and others. The Good news to those with darker skin tone, the face whitening creams also help in lightening natural dark skin too. While choosing yourself a face whitening cream you can look through these compositions like Vitamin A, B, C, E, and B3.

Vitamin A: It helps in clearing the dead cells leaving a brighter tone to the skin.

Vitamin B: It helps in reducing pigmentation giving out a brighter tone.

Vitamin C:  It consists of antioxidant properties that help in the reduction of melanin in our body and improves skin immunity.

Vitamin E: It has a moisturizing property, protects your skin from dryness and skin aging. 

Now a day we get to see tremendous varieties of whitening creams in the market. Before selecting a cream for yourself, it is recommended to check once whether it suits your skin or not. The skin type varies for every individual. Some have dry skin, some oily skin, and others with a combination of both. The reaction of creams differs with each skin type. Therefore, checking out if the cream fits in with you or not is necessary. Consulting with your dermatologist would be the best option to think of before purchasing it.  

Now that we knew, the first step in finding the right cream for your skin is determined by your skin type, skin needs. Understanding it helps you in achieving the best version of your skin.

So next time you visit a wedding ceremony or plan a dinner with your friend if you want to glow and look pretty, I have listed the 10 best Face Whitening Creams for you. You can select any cream, which is suitable for your face. Scroll down and check out the listed items.

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