10 Homemade Natural Bath Soaks/Salts- DIY

Rose Petal Bath Soak – DIY Tub Tea Bags

Nothing beats a long soothing bath after a long, tiring and hectic day. One thing that can make your bath even more soothing and relaxing is bath soaks/salts. Bath salts and soaks can enhance your bath experience a great deal and even though they are available in the market you can also make them at […]

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10 Homemade Natural Hand & Foot Creams – DIY


You know what your hands and feet need? They need moisturizing and massaging, both of which can be done using a good hand cream and foot cream. Your hands and feet deserve this care as they help you do your daily tasks efficiently. But that certainly does not mean that you should be spending a […]

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10 Homemade Natural Lip Balms & Scrubs – DIY

DIY Raspberry Lemonade Sugar Lip Scrub

Lips have a really sensitive skin which is why it gets cracked and chapped easily. Chapped lips not only look bad but are also painful and irritating. So you should regularly scrub your lips with a good scrub and apply a nice balm to keep your lips as soft as rose petals! The best part […]

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10 Natural Homemade Eye Creams – DIY

Coffee Infused Eye Cream

Did you know you can make really cool and effective natural eye creams at your using ingredients that you have in your kitchen? I certainly did not know that till I came across these 10 Amazing Natural Homemade Eye Creams – DIY. This is the reason why I am so eager to share them with […]

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10 Homemade Natural Body Scrubs – DIY


Broke and don’t want to spend money on body scrubs but still want a smooth as silk body? Or do you simply don’t feel like applying all those extra chemicals to your body in form of scrubs? In both these cases you don’t have to completely stop using body scrubs, rather simply make your own […]

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10 Natural Homemade Feet Soaks – DIY

Homemade Citrus Foot Soak Recipe

Have you ever appreciated your feet for always carrying your around and helping you walk towards your goals – literally? We all are guilty of neglecting our feet even though they do so much work and consequently need so much care? I am sure all of you can feel your feet hurting right now because […]

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5 Tips to Stay Hydrated During Summers

Fruit Infused Water

Summer are awesome, we all agree, they bring with themselves delicious fruits, lovely colorful clothes and best of all: summer vacations! But one really unhealthy and bad thing that is also brings with itself is dehydration! Yes, you might not notice it when you are enjoying on the beach, but it is very common for […]

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5 Natural Home Remedies For Body Pain

Homemade Hot Pepper Cream for Arthritis & Joint Pain

We all live in stressful times when the daily routine grind is enough to make anyone feel down and tired and have body pains. Body pains have become extremely common nowadays and are not limited to older people as was common during the last century, now, sadly even young kids complain of body pains thanks […]

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